Our Business Is to Use Technologies to Make People Happy.

Takechika Tsurutani, President

The gaming industry in which Polygon Magic, Inc. participates is subject to constant change and innovation, and our business operations must therefore be able to accept the vacillations in an unpredictable environment. The one constant in our company’s long history—2014 marks our 20th anniversary—is that we share a spirit of adventure with our customers and actually look forward to change. The clearest expression of our role and mission is that we “Create Smiles.”

Be Trend Watchers for Opportunity and Challenge for the Sensation

The development and enjoyment of new technologies often blurs the boundary separating providers and customers. People express what they think is interesting in their own ways and freely communicate their playing styles with others. Analyzing these trends reveals a pyramid-like structure that begins to clarify new boundaries between producers and customers. In other words, as new technologies emerge, no-one can be immediately certain about how it may translate into a hot selling product.

This is why we leap in without hesitation to be trend watchers and reflect the same spirit of adventure as our customers. As a provider, however, we must also consider whether we can afford to offer a service and whether we can deliver products that satisfy the expectations of customers as game players.

Consequently, Polygon Magic is able to create content from the perspectives of both the customer and provider.

Therefore, we occasionally embark on projects even though they may not ultimately prove profitable. The marketplace may frown on some new services. Nevertheless, when challenges arise, we refine our services by thoroughly reviewing our rough initial assumptions and introduce a marketing concept grounded in data. That is, we weave together logic and intuition to make sense of a chaotic situation and then get ready for the next challenge. This cycle is at the heart of our business.

Seeking Sustainable Growth, Ever Open to the Potential of “Nothing”

Some may view our strategy as being dependent on what may be nothing at all. We believe that this “nothing” often leads to significant advantages. We pursue business from a longer-term perspective, from ten to twenty years, instead of simply chasing short-term profits. That is Polygon Magic’s corporate culture.

Stepping up to the Plate Often, without Being Afraid of Making Wild Swings to Create What Amazes People

We are expected to achieve solid results in a rapidly evolving society.In recent years, Polygon Magic has been recognized for its stable business performance.

Of course, that is wonderful and reflects the work of frontline employees to earn people’s trust in the company. Over the next few years, however, I want to develop Polygon Magic into a company that can make spectacular mistakes and amaze people with incredible products. We must be bold enough to take as many swings as possible and exert our full capabilities to become an organization in which members experience the fascination of the online content business, where one new product can completely engage the customer’s passion and suddenly soar as a blockbuster.

That is Polygon Magic’s new mission.